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Qantas QF93 Flight Review : Back to the city of Angels

You had a great holiday ,you have tasted every seductive enjoy of Melbourne. Likely you smelt beautiful flowers in Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, watched uniqeless landscape of The Yarra River. But now, it is time to return home via Qantas QF93. By the way, we hope that you did not forget to taste Ricotta Hotcakes  at Top Paddock.

Your return to Los Angeles can be marvelous as well as your Melbourne days by QF93 flight. You experienced the comfort of a Qantas Flight, while you came to Melbourne from Los Angeles via QF94. But this time, the route  of QF93 is from great holiday to home, you are a little tired so you need ensconce oneself in a comfortable chair.


Be sure that you will find comfort you need during QF93 flight.  Hospitable cabin crew will serve you a welcome drink after take-off, ergonomic seats even in economy class! 

During QF93 flight, you can download your favourite reads from the Qantas app and Your inflight entertainments are the latest blockbuster hits.

Lets take a look to QF93 Flight Status

Flight QF93 is a Qantas flight from Melbourne, Australia  to Los Angeles. Qantas offers with QF93 flight a daily service on this route. 

QF93 route has a distance of 12,772km (7,933mi)  and an average flight time of 14h 33m. It results in an average speed of 877km/h . QANTAS QF93 offers AirbusA380 service from Melbourne to LA with a scheduled arrival make it able to connect with QF11. QF93 flights has delays approximately 23% of flights.

Qantas QF93 seat map

qantas qf93 seat map

Flight of QANTAS, QF93, from Melbourne to Los Angeles offers four classes services. First Class includes 14 seats. Business Class has 64 seats and other part of 484 seats take part of Economy Class. While QF93 flight continue the 14 hour across the Pacific, you can feel relax in your seat even you have economy ticket.

qantas qf93

Dining during Qantas QF93 Flight

During QF93 flight, you get meal service twice. The meal options are the pretty standard (at least in economy) chicken or beef. It was accompanied by a potato salad, bread roll and a small packet of cheese and crackers. The portion size for the meal is sufficient even for the big eaters.

qantas qf93 dinner2

A couple of hours after the main course has been taken away the crew come through with dessert, which for the main meal of the flight was a rock hard Mango Weiss ice cream bar.


About an hour after dessert had been consumed the crew once again came through the cabin and offered everyone the choice of either a hot chocolate or camomile tea. It was one of the most impressive behaviour of cabin crew of QF93 flight.

qantas qf93 drink

One of Qantas’ biggest selling points for QF93 flight service is the self service bars that is now available to economy passengers. Whilst unfortunately not containing any alcohol the bars contained a great supply of small snacks.

Qantas QF93 is the best in its category

Overall, Qantas offers with QF93 flight a superior economy product when compared to other airlines currently flying from Australia to the East Coast of America. Whilst this article is written, Qantas has continued to improve on its Economy offering by introducing good options for economy passengers to choose their meals ahead of QF93 flight.

qantas qf93

Also QF93 continues to offer a standardised high level of comfort for passengers travelling in economy across the Pacific. On the other hand, imagine that while Qantas provides this service in economy class, quality of QF93 flight in higher class isn’t open to dispute.  During QF93 the in-flight entertainment and snack bars are as it allows the passenger to enjoy the journey whilst being in control of their own comfort rather than habing to continually rely on the assistance of crew throughout QF93 flight.

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